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Thursday, February 3, 2011

{ Inspire } - Blooms 52 Friday Challenge

Hey I have something very important to share with you. I am taking on a project with a wonderful group of photographers. It's called "52 Friday Challenge Group" and we're group #7! I am now a member of The Bloom Forum, www.thebloomforum.com/ and this is an weekly exercise for 2011.

Basically we will be given a word each week to describe and share on our blogs. Then we will link our blogs so you can have a Ginormous Photography Experience! Its a very creative and exciting share, and I hope you join me in my walk. I will be letting everyone know through Facebook so you don't miss out.

This is our first week. Yes we're a little late on the bandwagon, but they created this group Just for Us. So onward..

The word this week is Inspire.

What inspires you. Well exactly what inspires me? Lots. Oh lots..but one thing that is Very inspiring to me these days in my quest to be the very best photographer I can be are blogs/websites like these www.theportraitplaceweb.com/blog/, www.bluebugphotography.com/blog/ http://kristencook.com.au/blog/ http://capturedbycarrie.com/blog/ http://jilliankirbybaby.com/index2.php?v=v1#/home/
http://keriannebrown.com/index2.php#/home/ and I could go on and on!

Yes I have been bitten by the baby bug. Sometimes I wonder if it has anything to do with my job as a Labor and Delivery nurse. I'm not sure. All I know is that out of all the sessions I am embarking on as a photographer; Newborn work is my favorite.

So as I study and observe how the masters have perfected their craft * see list above * I am striving to be just an tiny bit better each time at it. And yes. I'm so very inspired by the minute perfection I see in their work.

So one thing I've been working on at my Newborn sessions are documenting the little bits. Ears, noses and eyelashes. So precious!

Here are a few of my recent baby bits =)

Now please make sure you check out Lori's Blog post here!


Team Jaeski said...

Joanne, I love this. Your first picture, of the eyelashes, is hands down my favorite - although they are all wonderful! I'm so glad you've found inspiration that you can translate into your photography!

Melanie said...

So precious! Beautiful images!

Gail said...

wow, love the details, very inspiring.

Katie said...

So precious! Beautiful newborn "bits and pieces!" I, too, am trying to learn more with the newborn shots. Your photos inspired me! :)

Studio 8 said...

love the details!! havent thought of the belly button!! gorgeous :)

angie said...

The details are certainly inspiring - such sweet shots.

Shauna said...

So gorgeous! Love all the little bits...

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous, I love newborn macro shots!!

gigi said...

These are so beautiful! What a sweet baby!