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Thursday, February 24, 2011

{ LEADERSHIP } Blooms 52 Week Friday Challenge

Well this week my Bloom group had me thinking for days trying to decide how I would use the word Leadership in this weeks challenge. It was not an easy one for me I can tell you that. I have some very definite idea's and thoughts about what Good Leadership and what Bad or Neglectful Leadership is. I've seen more than my share of failed leadership roles. I am always challenged in my nursing role when I do my yearly self evaluation and come to the question.."How can you be a better leader." I am most definitely Not a leader. Not a follower either; probably more like a loner. A dreamer. I dance to a different drum =)

So my photo's today portray Leadership this way. I guess I'm coming at it from a negative view, but then we're here to explore and think yes?
In the first photo all the geese are doing their own thing and just plain old ignoring that goose sitting in the front. I'm making Him the leader in this exercise. Is he leading? Not very well.

In the second photo this portrays what happens when there is No clear leadership shown. *flapflapflap* panic and scattering. Oh and make note of that large bird sitting quietly in the tree just watching. He's just waiting for his chance. Hm!
Again, do you see any relation?

Am I stretching it too far this week? Maybe.

You decide.

Now please go onto the next blog for another view of the word Leadership... Jen Bruss | Upstate South Carolina Family Photographer


Studio 8 said...

love the first one!! where did you get that scenery!!

Alli said...

What a gorgeous wintery scene you captured. I love how you tied it to the theme too.

Karen said...

Wonderful. Such beautiful and simple landscapes.

Team Jaeski said...

I too love the landscapes. I think you definitely had the most unique interpretation of Leadership this week! Great job!

Kelly Q said...

These are amazing images, and I think a very apt reflection on leadership! Great work!

gigi said...

These are both gorgeous and so unique!

Katie said...

Beautiful landscapes! Love, love the first one. :)


absolutely stunning images.

Jody said...

Thanks friends!! This was just out in the countryside around where I live. I Love seeing the geese when they settle in the field like this ♥