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Friday, February 18, 2011

{ Shades of Red - Love } Bloom's 52 week Friday Challenge

Hey Happy Valentines Day friends!

Yes I know it was a few days ago, but I proclaim it Valentine Week. So there lol.

This weeks Bloom Challenge is Shades of Red - Love. I thought about it for days and then got caught up with work stuff and never sat down and got my post together.

Until today.

As I was going through my work of the past week or so I came across the photo below. Perfect!! It speaks to me on many levels, so let me share with you my thoughts.

I love photography. I hope you see that. And I love nature photography. I love meeting new friends and sharing common goals and interests.

I met with another Delaware photographer who inspires the Heck out of me last week. We met up at a local state park and just walked around chatting and shooting what we saw. We had been Facebook friends for months; but finally made a point to get together and meet in person. What a great morning we had! It's so neat to have friends who you can talk to and learn from.

Love ya Nicole! =)

Now my lens. This was shot with my Canon 2.8L Macro lens. To those of you who don't understand what that means...well it's a top shelf lens. I had been wanting to buy an "L" lens for some time; but the price is quite hefty. So I waited and researched and talked with other photog friends. Then I took the plunge. And I never looked back. I can now take itsy bitsy photo's of flowers and ants and well you get the point. Anything!

And I also can use it for my Newborn work to capture eyelashes and little parts.

I love this lens. Can you tell yet?

Lastly let me share my photo with you. I saw the bush with berries near a building in this Delaware State Park. I knew the berries would shine in the gorgeous winter light.

So this weeks photo was taken with a lens I love in a place I now love and with a friend who I can share my love of photography with. Perfect!

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. ~Emily Brontë

Now Please take a look at to see other lovely interpretations of Shades of Red! Go on to Melanie Kay Photography - Ventura County Family Photographer


Alli said...

I heart this photo! Love your DOF with the bright red berries! I also have that lens on my wish list right now after renting it a few weeks ago. Have fun with it!

Jen Bruss said...

This is an amazing lens! Ironically, also my favorite portrait lens, but you have to know how to wield it and you certainly do! I love the detail, color, and the texture you chose to focus on in this picture. What a wonderful pop of red for winter! Great job!

Melanie said...

This is beautiful. I love the bright red color you captured and am seriously jealous of your lens! :-)

gigi said...

Lots to love here! The DOF is course amazing but I really love the colors. :)

Team Jaeski said...

*sigh* I so have lens envy right now. I had to return the Macro I rented last week. This is a wonderful photo - love the splash of red!