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Saturday, January 29, 2011

{ Marta Locklears -Creative Journey for photographers…free, fun & educational!}

Hey all. I found this Inspiring and Exciting photo journey to jump into and I did, although a bit late. But if you have time, check out www.martalocklear.com/blog and look for her Texture/Hue photo challenge.

In the winter, for me at least; I am not photographing people as much as the warmer months. So this is a great way to expand my artistic vision and really shoot for Me...and I've been loving it!

I just found this a few weeks ago, so I missed the first 5 weeks. But never too late right? If I can find the time I might even do the weeks I missed. Yeah I'm a geek like that =D

I really enjoyed looking around my surroundings and finding the objects to photograph. I decided to use my Macro lens because I love how it can focus up sooo close and make photos sooo creamy.

So I will be posting each weeks entry from me here on the blog. Hope you enjoy!

week 6 - hue . greens . texture . piney

week 7 - hue . blue . texture . nubby

week 8 - hue . yellow . texture (unlimited)


Julie Marie Portraits said...

Love all of the pictures......

Jody said...

Thank you so Much Julie!