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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Connie and Fred 2010 - {Southern New Jersey Family Photographer}

Connie and I are friends. Old friends..like going on 30yr friends.

So when my friend Connie said she would love a photo of her and her hubby Fred sometime I said I'd love to.

So we had a little cookout and caught up on our lives. Then we jumped in the car and drove down the road to a field where I knew I had seen hay bales.

And yes Marta Locklear you inspired me to include some hay in my photo's lol.
They smiled and probably thought I was a bit crazy when I told them to stand this way and that; but they complied. I Promised them that they would Love their images. And they did. Connie had made a special request for a forehead kissing photo. Her Freddy does this to her and she wanted to include that shot.

Connie had me design two gorgeous Storyboards so I thought I would give you a peek of how they came out too.

If you think you have to be 20 yrs old to have a fabulous portrait done I Hope this shows you how wrong you are.

Connie and Fred. I love you guys..and always will. xxx

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