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Sunday, August 22, 2010

{Jemma and Julia} - Southern New Jersey Newborn/Family Photographer

I was blessed a short while ago with meeting the G family. They are the proud parents of Jemma and Julia and wanted some newborn/family photo's.

Little Jemma had a swallowing problem at birth and required an Nasogastric tube for her feedings until she learned how to swallow properly. I told Mom no worrys. I would be there and do my best to get them some lovely memory's of this time in their life.

Oh boy did I have some fun with Julia running around the yard! She loved looking at the camera and I took advantage of that and snapped some nice ones of her. When I looked at them later I knew Right away her portraits would be stunning. She's beautiful!

Jemma was a dream too. She tolerated being undressed and slept peacefully for her photo's.

I just love the family photo's tho. You can see the love in mom and dads eyes as they hold their daughters close for their family portrait. It's perfect. What do you think?

Mr. and Mrs. G I hope you enjoy seeing your photo's here!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pics. I love the black and white one of Julia. The family shot is great too. Little Jemma is adorable. Love Betty

jean smith said...

so, so, so lovely. these images are soft, beautiful, and sweet.